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Why Coffee?

We wake up to it, surf the internet with it, do business over it and socialize with it. Simply put, coffee is part of our everyday culture. And chances are you've already had a cup or two (or more!) today. And if you haven't, you definitely know someone that has.

According to the coffee industry:

Millions of people start their day with a nice warm cup of coffee. Most people keep drinking it all day long— at home, in the office, in business meetings or just out with friends. It's so widely consumed, that more than half the world’s population drinks it, and they do so at more than three cups a day.

And there are countless benefits to your daily cup:

Coffee helps you think.
According to a recent report by the National Coffee Association, more and more people are recognizing the mental boost they're getting from coffee. Studies show it improves cognitive function, short-term memory and concentration, so you'll be able to understand and process new information quickly.

Coffee helps you perform.
Experts at the Harvard Medical School have reported that coffee has been shown to improve endurance performance in long-duration physical activities. In a different review of studies on caffeine and exercise, researchers found that caffeine improved physical performance by at least 10 percent.

Need to jump-start your morning? Grab a cup of coffee. Feeling fatigued in the afternoon? A coffee break helps put you back on track. Facing a long drive or a night studying? Coffee helps you stay awake and alert.

We understand why you drink coffee, and we understand the natural benefits of coffee. Javita simply gives you more of what you want in your coffee. You can expect more from Javita.

That's the power of coffee…that's the power of Javita.