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The Javita STAR Bonus Program

The STAR Bonus Program consists of three bonuses reserved for Members who become STAR. All Members should strive to become STAR as it is the key building block of the Javita business and reinforces the most important steps to building a successful business - getting off to a fast start, enrolling new Members and helping your new Members build their personal teams and become STAR.

Becoming a STAR:

A Member becomes a STAR when the following occurs:

  • Has purchased a Qualifying Business Pack ($499 or $999)
  • Enrolls three new Members in their first 30 days each with a qualified business pack

The three bonuses in STAR Bonus Program are: STAR7 Bonus; STAR Bonus Pool; STAR Builder Bonus.

STAR7 Bonus

The STAR7 Bonus rewards new Members who quickly rise to STAR. Any new member who achieves STAR within 7 days of joining Javita earns a STAR7 Bonus of $100. The STAR7 Bonus is paid weekly (Day 1 is considered the day after they join).

STAR Bonus Pool

When you become a STAR (within 7 or 30 days), you receive lifetime eligibility to participate in our monthly STAR Bonus Pool. You’ll earn a $20 bonus on every new Member personally enrolled with a $499 or $999 STAR Pack.

STAR Builder Bonus

The STAR Builder Bonus rewards STARs who help their personally enrolled new Members achieve STAR. You'll earn $100 every time one of your personally enrolled Members becomes a STAR.

The more STARs you help build, the larger your bonus! The bonus is paid monthly from a pool that consists of two percent (2%) of the local country volume.

Become a STAR today; enjoy unlimited wealth and success tomorrow.

Note: the STAR Bonus Pool and STAR Builder Bonus are paid in the Monthly Commission cycle.